Packages to Fernando de Noronha and Natal, Brazil .

Natal is one of the main gateways to Fernando de Noronha and a great place to include on your Brazilian itinerary when visiting the island. Get the tip from our local experts, learn about the package options to Noronha before you go.

The seaside capital city of the north-eastern state of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal is considered to be the safest capital city of Brazil and offers a number of attractions.

Packages to Fernando de Noronha and Natal, Brazil .

Beaches in and around Natal

Natal’s most famous beach Ponta Negra is located in the south. This beach’s beauty is enhanced by the fact that it is set against the backdrop of a 120 m high sand dune. Another famous beach, Areia Preta is separated from Ponta Negra by an 8 km(4,9 miles) stretch of sand, while surfing enthusiasts should head to the Praia dos Artistas in the north.

Genipabu beach is covered with sand dunes, interspersed with lagoons and has a changing landscape dependant on prevailing winds.Activities at beaches include snorkeling, windsurfing, diving, kite surfing, capoiera, camel and buggy rides.

Interestingly buggy rides are classified as “com emoção” or “sem emoção”, which literally translated from Portuguese means “with emotion” or “without emotion” and refer to the degree of risk accompanying the buggy ride. “Esquibunda”, which is a sport in which one slides down dunes on a wooden board, into water, is also popular here.

Beyond the beach in Natal

The Via Costeira, which is the main road in Natal is flanked by the seashore on one side and by the Parque das Dunas on the other. This 10 km(6,2 miles) long avenue is the major shopping area where the major restaurants and hotels are located.

The Parque das Dunas or Dune Park is a protected park covering an area in excess of 1170 hectares and is home to120m high sand dunes as well as trees, plants and wildlife mainly of the Atlantic forest type. Guided treks are offered within the park and are a great opportunity to learn more about the formation of dunes as well as the wildlife of this region.

History and art enthusiasts have a number of museums to visit, such as the Museu de Arte Sacra, Museu de Cultura Popular or Instituto Histórico e Geográfico do Rio Grande do Norte or can head to the medieval fort of Reis Magos. Other attractions include a picturesque sunset at the Newton Navarro Bridge, one of Brazil’s biggest bridges and a visit to the world’s largest cashew tree.

Festivals in Natal

The Festa Junina which is celebrated in June is accompanied by fireworks, folk dancing and great food in the streets of Natal. Like with many other Brazilian cities, Natal has its own off-season carnival, the “Carnatal”, which usually occurs in November or December and is celebrated much like the traditional carnival.

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