Carnival in Fernando de Noronha.

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The tiny island of Fernando de Noronha does not celebrate carnival like the big cities of Brazil do, so this is not the place to go if you want to experience samba parades, fancy costumes, percussion groups and other performances generally associated with Brazil’s vibrant pre-Lenten celebrations. 

Carnival in Fernando de Noronha.

The various legends of Fernando de Noronha do however; sometimes find a place in the carnival parades. These legends, probably born out of the loneliness of the prisoners of the 1800’s reveal themselves in stories, songs and poetry today.These fables have been collected in the book “Fernando de Noronha:

Legends and Picturesque Facts” by Marieta Borges Lins e Silva, and in 1995, this book formed the basis for the performance put together by Rio’s famous Samba group, Estação Primeira de Mangueira, which highlighted the island’s famous legends, such as the Alamoa Myth, which speaks of a seductive blonde woman who attracted people to their death and the Captain Kidd folk tale which claims that the famous British pirate hid his loot somewhere on the island.

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