Vacation Packages to Fernando de Noronha, Brazil .

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When planning a trip to Fernando de Noronha it is wise to understand the layout of the island, as well as the best places to visit and the fun activities to enjoy.

Vacation Packages to Fernando de Noronha

Pick A Side

The main island has a calm sandy side that faces Brazil and a rocky rough side that looks out over the Atlantic Ocean. Those who want to enjoy the beach and swim in the waters are wise to choose the Brazilian side. The Atlantic side has high waves, strong currents and rocky shorelines and is not conducive to swimming or sunning.

The Island

There is only 1 road on the island, BR-363, that is actually paved. It runs from Baia do Sueste to Baia Santo Antonio at the opposite end of the island. The biggest settlement on the main island is Vila dos Remedios. Here travelers can find the only disco on the island as well as a post office, church and city hall.

Travel uphill to Vila do Trinta for dining at one of its restaurants or shopping at the local grocery store. There is also a pharmacy and police station here. The hospital and school are at Porto Santo Antonio and the Tamar Visitor Center is located at Alameda do Boldro.

Things To Do

Visit the Projeto Tamar office to see if there are hatching turtle nests you can see. Take an afternoon cruise to see the spinner dolphins or join a tour headed out on the water for snorkeling and scuba diving

Rent a buggy and explore the island on your own.  Stop in Vila Remedios and visit the Forte dos Remedios built in 1737.  Also in town are the Palacio Sao Miguel and the Memorial Noronhense.

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