Communicating in Fernando de Noronha.

How to make yourself understood in the little fisher island of Fernando de Noronha. Communicating in Fernando de Noronha will require a bit more than body language.

Though the locals are very friendly and helpful, it may be difficult to manage if you do not speak at least a little Portuguese. It is a good idea to learn a few basic sentences before you arrive and carry a pocket phrasebook with you on your trip. To get you started, here are a few words and phrases that you may need to use on the island:

Communicating in Fernando de Noronha

I don't speak Portuguese - Eu não falo Português
How much does it cost? - Quanto custa?
At what time? - A que horas?
Food – Comida
Menu – Cardapio
Breakfast - Cafe da manha
Lunch - Almoço
Dinner/Tea – Jantar
Water - Agua
Beer - Cerveja
Thank you – Obrigado, when addressing men and Obrigada when addressing women.
Could you help me? – Pode me ajudar?
Where is the dive centre? - Onde é o centro de mergulho?

Internet and Telephones

The international code for dialing Brazil is +55, while the area code for Fernando de Noronha is 81. The telephone system is connected to the national network, making long distance and international calls possible from the island.
Many of the pousadas have wireless internet and there are a couple of internet kiosks at some hotels and cafes in town.

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