Fernando de Noronha facts.

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Fernando de Noronha facts

Basic information about the city

Fernando de Noronha is an extensive group of about 21 islands of volcanic origin in the state of Pernambuco. The island is situated approximately 350km(217,4 miles) off from Natal, 540km(335,5 miles) from Recife and about 321 km(200 miles) off the northern Brazil coast. Fernando de Noronha is declared as a World Natural Heritage Site and Nature Monument by the UNESCO.

Americo Vespucci discovered this beautiful island in the year 1503 but the island is known to have been repeatedly invaded for many centuries. So it is not surprising to find ruins and remains indicating the invasion by different countries. Most of the infrastructure here was built by the French, Dutch and Portuguese.

The main land area measures at 18.4 sq.km. The Brazilian government monitors the island to ensure the islands eco-system is preserved and also the islands entire administration comes under the jurisdiction of the Brazilian Government.

Though the tourist industry is still at its nascent stage here, ecological tourism is the natural calling of Fernando de Noronha. To reach the island flights are available from Recife and Natal. Upon arrival, you have to pay a small amount as environment fees. You can choose the exciting option of taking a cruise from the Brazil coast to reach Fernando de Noronha.

Population Composition

The population of Fernando de Noronha stands at just 3,108 according to the 2009 census. This is one of the reasons that many celebrities choose to vacation on this isolated island. The tourist inflow is limited to just about 420 people, with the main intention of preserving the eco-system of Fernando de Noronha.

The island was known for its highly guarded prison and most of the islands population are descendants of prison officials and ex-inmates. The influence of the Dutch, Portuguese and the French has left this island with a combination of Jewish and Roman Catholic people.


The economy of Fernando de Noronha depends entirely on tourism, because the island is protected by strict environment legislation and using natural resources is strictly prohibited, with no opportunities for the growth of other industries. Everything the inhabitants require, has to be shipped or flown down from others parts of Brazil.

This is one of the main reasons why everything is expensive on this island. However, traditional fishing is still carried on but for local consumption only. With such limited opportunities, most of them are involved in tourist trade. While some local inhabitants have converted their homes into comfortable inns for tourists, others work as guides for tourists.

It is worth hiring these guides on your tour of the island since most of the sign boards are in the Portuguese language. Fernando de Noronha boasts of a descent infrastructure to ensure that basic services are on offer for tourists. On the island you will find a post office, bank, police station, hospital, etc.

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