About Money in Fernando de Noronha.

What about ATM's and money needs in Fernando de Noronha?

The isolation of Fernando de Noronha makes it a more expensive island mainland Brazil. Most of the things on the island cost double compared to Brazil. ‘Real’ is the Brazilian currency and is denoted by R$. Foreign visitors need to know that there are no foreign exchange counters on this island.

The only bank on the island doesn’t have the exchange facility. It would be a good idea to carry enough Reais for your trip because not many restaurants or shops accept plastic money. Some island vendors offer to exchange your US dollars but at exorbitant exchange rate, so it’s best to keep away from them, unless it’s an emergency.

about Money in fernando de Noronha

On your arrival at the Noronha airport you will have to pay the environmental preservation tax, the charges are $15 per head and the number of days you will be staying on the island. You have to retain the bill and produce the same before departure after your vacation. In case you have over stayed then you will have to pay extra charges. If you are planning to stay in a guest house or opt for the charming inns, then hard cash is the only way to pay your bills. A couple of ATM centers are there on the island, but with no guarantee that it works all the time.

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