Quick Portuguese Dictionary.

Impress your Brazilians friends by learning a dozen useful expressions in Portuguese.

Fernando de Noronha is an island where the language spoken and written is Portuguese. All the sign boards are in Portuguese language, so it would be a good idea to take along a guide. However, you’ll enjoy conversing in the local language, if you pick up few words and phrases.

The names of all the beaches are in Portuguese but alternate names are in English, which even the locals are familiar with. Pronunciation of Portuguese is challenging but carrying along a pen and small note pad will help you jot down words and phrases which you can use.

The best way to get to know little bit of this language is to learn few words and phrases in advance, this will help you get going. Make sure to be courteous using the local language, the natives truly appreciate this gesture of greetings and courtesy.

Quick Portuguese Dictionary

Tudo bem - How is it going? (Nice way to begin a conversation with a local.)
Prazer - Pleased to meet you
Bom dia - Good morning
Boa tarde - Good afternoon
Boa noite - Good night
Tchau - Good bye
Obrigado - Thank you for men
Obrigada - Thank you for women
Com licenca - Excuse me
Por favor - Please
Caixa Eletronica - ATM
Dinheiro - Cash/Money
Barco - Boat
Carro - Car
Tubalhau - A local dish, shark meat cake
Feijoada - A Brazilian dish made of meat and legumes.
Pousadas - Small bed and breakfast inns, these are usually homes converted into inns

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