Worship in Fernando de Noronha.

Important information on Worshipping in Fernando de Noronha.

Religion and worship in Fernando de Noronha

The population of Fernando de Noronha is a meager 3,108 and tourists are limited to 420 people only at a time. This is one of the reasons that many celebrities choose to vacation on this isolated island.

The island has a great history, before independence, the island was invaded by the Dutch, French and the Portuguese. Evidence of the presence of the American military too can be seen on the island today.

Fernando de Noronha was known for its highly guarded prison and most of the inhabitants are the descendants of prison officials and ex-mates. The island, most of the time was inhabited either by Dutch, French or the Portuguese, hence the island comprises of Jews and Roman Catholic natives. 

Brazil has a whooping number of Muslims; a large mosque is testimony to this fact. A decent number of Jews too contribute to Brazil’s population.

Worship in Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha doesn’t have any monumental structure of its own. Whatever, was built by the Dutch, Portuguese and the French are the only infrastructure, right from the post office to the health centre and the chapels. Some of the chapels are in ruins but tourists are allowed to visit these churches.

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