Luxury Hotels and Pousadas in Fernando de Noronha

Looking for a luxury hotel accommodations in Fernando de Noronha? Get advice and recommendations from our team of local experts.


As might be expected, the luxury accommodations on Fernando de Noronha are focused on amenities and service to their guests. The best pousadas are located in the regions of Floresta Velha, Vilo do Sueste and Vila do Boldro.

eating in Fernando de Noronha - Pousada Teju Açu

Floresta Velha

Located in Floresta Velha are the Pousada Ze Maria and Pousada Solar de Loronha.  As high-end inns their amenities include air conditioning, spa services, flat screen television, wireless Internet, free breakfast, restaurant, and a gym. In addition they offer to set up trips to scuba dive, snorkel and other fun local activities.

Vila do Sueste

Located in the Vila do Sueste are the Pousada Maravilha and Pousada Solar dos Ventos.  These pousadas also have spa service, a pool, a restaurant and bar, a fitness center, Internet, flat screen television, room service, butler service and a 24 concierge. These pousadas offer airport transportation, free breakfast and hammocks on room balconies.  They also are able to arrange tours and activities for their guests.

Vila do Boldro

For those who love surfing and luxury then the Pousdada Teju-Acu is the most elegant pousada in the area. Expect wireless, high speed Internet, a pool, restaurant and bar and a concierge to arrange tours and activities. The pousada was built in the most eco-friendly manner possible with very little impact to the environment.


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