Eating in Fernando de Noronha.

Being a fishermen village in a paradise island, you may imagine what the eating and restaurant options are in Fernando de Noronha. Expect casual places with excellent fresh food prepared by local native chefs who love to impress their visitors.

The expansion of tourism in Fernando de Noronha has prompted the opening of several restaurants. The seafood as expected is fresh and cooked in a variety of ways. Below is a list of some of the best places to eat on the island.

Eating in Fernando de Noronha


Considered to serve the best seafood on the island, Ekologiku’s is a restaurant with just 6 plastic tables, located on the garden patio of the house of the owner and cook. The food is simple, but delicious and only seafood caught on the day is served. The lobster and crab will be brought to your table for inspection and approval before it is cooked. The specialty of the house is Sinfonia Ekologiku, a spicy stew, containing fish, sweet lobster, octopus and prawns.

Regional Food

The local food of Fernando de Noronha is similar to that of mainland Pernambuco which includes the staple diet of rice and beans, seafood such as badejo, a scrumptious sea bass, fried agulinhina fish, moquecas (fish cooked in coconut milk) and other fish stews.

Meat dishes include jerked beef, Pasoca (meat pounded with cassava meal), mutton, Dobradinha (tripe and beans) and Buchada (made from entrails). Poultry dishes are Galinha a Cabidela (chicken cooked in a stew with its own blood), while desserts commonly include Cartola (fried bananas with cinnamon and melted cheese) and curd cheese with honey.

Varandao da Ilha at Vila do Trinta, Chica da Silva at Floresta Nova and Teju Acu located at Vila da Conceicao are the main restaurants serving regional food.

The island also has several restaurants offering international cuisines. The expensive Pousada Maravilha at Sueste serves Italian influenced seafood, while the Trattoria di Morena at Floresta Velha serves pasta. Japanese food can be found at Ze Maria and Sushi da Ilha at Floresta Velha while coffee and light meals are offered by Cacimba Bistro at Vila Remedios.

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