On your own in Noronha Islands, Brazil.

Meeting people and making new friends hard to avoid in Noronha.

Since the island is rather small, the number of visitors limited most are in pursuit of the same activities, meeting people and becoming part of a group should not be a problem if you are travelling alone to Fernando de Noronha.

The islanders are very friendly and always ready to help and the island is a very safe place. Since most of the activities such as diving, snorkeling, boat trips or hiking are anyway only allowed in organized monitored groups, pursuing these interests is not a problem.

On your own in Noronha Islands, Brazil.

It is advisable to make sure you have confirmed accommodations, which ranges from the cheap, such as Casa de Mirtes and Pousada Golfinhos, to mid range, such as Beco de Noronha and Mabuya to luxury accommodation at Pousada Maravilha and Pousada Ze Maria.

There are several family run inns and hotels, most of which are located in Vila dos Remedios. It is a good idea to stay at this central point, as all the important offices, grocery stores and information centres are located here.

Getting around on your own

The island is served by a bus route that runs through the main village of Vila dos Remedios from the Port to the Sueste Bay and halts at the airport as well.The bus runs every 15-30 minutes and has bus stops, but can be hailed down en route as well.

To get to the various beaches, you will have to walk anywhere between 10 – 20 minutes from the bus stops.There is also a taxi point near the post office in Vila do Remedios, where you can hire a taxi buggy.

If you prefer to hire a vehicle, several operators rent bicycles, buggies, motorcycles and a few cars. But remember there is only one gas station, located near the marina at the north end of the island.

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