Activites and Tours in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil.

The Little Things in Life – when it’s about Fernando de Noronha

Every little thing about the Noronha islands is uniquely attractive. The friendly dolphins, baby sea turtles, glistening coral reefs, crystalline water, pristine beaches, dive tours historic centers, museums and the luxurious pousadas are noteworthy. Amuse yourself with the sightseeing, swimming, diving, snorkeling and other activities that Fernando de Noronha has to offer.

Need to Paddle Noronha?

Fernando de Noronha Popular boat tours are the cream of vacationing in the Brazilian paradise. There are combinations of packages available like hiking to historical village, boat tours to the Noronha’s Dolphin bay and buggy rides. Boat tours go along the north east inner island coast to Ponta da Sapata. Don’t miss out on Noronha’s favorite past time activity.

Diving Right Through in Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is the haven for snorkelers and divers. Really! Achieving a depth of 15 meters in 30 minutes after adaptation is an achievement for dive beginners. Dive past the rich emerald waters into the underworld of luxurious marine life set among the mesmerizing coral reefs with specialized dive programs and tours.

Enjoying Noronha’s Waves

Fernando de Noronha is known as the Brazilian Hawaii. December to March months prove to be excellent for heavy duty surfing. The rough waters at the beaches of Boldró, Meio, Bode, Conceição and Cacimba do Padre pose immense challenges to surf experts.

Activites and Tours in Fernando de Noronha - Surf

Beginners can learn how to surf in Noronha, experiment with surf boards as the wave crests drag them shoreward. Try body surfs, board surfs or kite surfs at the haven for surf sport lovers. If being in action doesn’t excite you, opt to just sit back and relax. Appreciate the bold surfers as they charge towards the mighty waves in a quest to conquer the vast ocean.

Feast your eyes on Dolphins

A visit to Noronha is not complete if you don’t see its mesmerizing dancers. Friendly dolphins will be ready to greet you at Dolphin Bay. A Dune Buggy to the Noronha’s Sancho-Dolphins Bay Viewpoint trail is a very good idea. Be sure to take sufficient gear to view the spectacular performance that take place every early morning.

420 visitors at the Island at a time.

Fernando de Noronha offers Nature at Its Best. Almost all of the Noronha archipelago has been pronounced as a National Marine Park. The visitor population is strictly regulated by the Brazilian Environmental Protection Agency to 420 at any given time. Due to massive restrictions, the beaches appear virtually deserted.

Tartaruga Marinha or sea Turtle (TAMAR) institute works to protect local sea turtles. From January till midyear, tourists can watch egg laying and hatching under the supervision of Projeto TAMAR staff. In-cre-di-ble!

Healthy fresh dishes are Noronha’s delight.

Wondering how is Noronha eating options or how are the Restaurants in the island? Fish and tasty sea food are at the core of Fernando de Noronha restaurants. Besides the exotic sea food delicacies Noronha has to offer, try out the mouth watering acai which is a deadly combination of an exotic fruit, granola and banana.

Indulge in the famous ”tubalhau” which are bite sized salted shark meat pieces served with paprika, potatoes and tomatoes tossed on oil. Plan a romantic lunch at the popular Café Brasil known for its cheese and pineapple topped with the tropical siriguela juice or citric caju juice. Noronha tastes you will never never forget.

Noronha’s Beaches

Baia do Sancho is a unique reddish brown sandy beach which requires access by bolted iron ladders. Baia do Sueste is an amazing snorkeling spot ideal for kids due to its shallow waters. At any given day, only thirty people are allowed at the Praia do Atalaia. No sun tan lotion, please.

Natural pools are the attraction here formed by the extension of volcanic rock shelf along shores. What about surfing? Praia da Conceição, Cacimba do Padre, Praia do Cachorro, Praia do Boldró, Praia do Meio, and Praia do Bode.

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